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Get great bonsai and advice from Bonsai Farm

67 Church Street Hawthorn  T (+61 3) 9819 0888

Open daily from 10.30am–4pm. Closed Tuesdays.

If preparing for the Bach Mass in B minor, here’s a site of free Mass parts individually sung by Ophiel van Leer—enabling you to get the words and rhythms down-pat. Great aids to get well-rehearsed, I was able to sing along in the car. See here.

This other site offers, for purchase, your part sung by a professional teaching singer. Selected hard passages are slowed on special tracks called StudySpots™.  Only the best available professional choral singers active in the Boston musical scene—performing as soloists, recitalists and singers with groups—are used. All choral movements are supported by aicomplete performance recording in the background. See here.

The Room, The Room 2, The Room 3 and The Room : Old Sins

totally addictive game apps for iOS and Android.

If you want easy-to-understand handbooks on horticulture, I can recommend those of the best teachers I've ever had, who taught me at the University of Melbourne, Burnley Horticultural College.

For instance, Soil Characteristics and Plant Nutrition, Student Handbooks by Rod McMillan, are available from their site at Adland Horticultural.

an iPhone unit converter …  area, bits and bytes, capacitance, fraction, fuel, length, liquid (volume), pressure, temperature, time, velocity and weight.

an iPhone mobile app of assorted reference, character encodings,
interactive tools and links

—a member-supported online learning platform with 40,000+ video tutorials.

There are even 5,000+ free videos with no subscription required.

Steve highly recommends HI pagesHome Improvement. Simply tell HI what you need done. Qualified Tradies contact you to quote. You choose the best one. Simple!

The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on Historical Principles

Prepared by William Little, H W Fowler and Jessie Coulson
Revised and edited by C T Onions
Published by Clarendon Press in Oxford 1973
ISBN 0 19 861294 X

an iPhone mobile app