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…the best time tracking tool for iPhone. It's simple, to-the-point and easy to use. It manages your Clients, Projects and Tasks, tracks Time and Expenses and
a multitude of other succinct things. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to tracking their work time.

Plus there's also another version available called Hours Billing.

Many Mac users have noticed that the “Secure Empty Trash” feature has been removed in OS X El Capitan (10.11) or later. The reason the feature was removed is basically because it did not work all the time. There's an alternate sourced from the App Store, called File Shredder—Permanently Erase Files. I highly recommend it.

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an iPhone unit converter …  area, bits and bytes, capacitance, fraction, fuel, length, liquid (volume), pressure, temperature, time, velocity and weight.

an iPhone mobile app of assorted reference, character encodings,
interactive tools and links

is a great 20 minute timer for iPhone that ensures you get up and away from your desk for a spell.

Steve didn't do this much and in 2009, after lengthy times sitting in front of the computer, ended up with a confounded DVT—one continuous blood-clot from waist to ankle in his left leg vein—that has resulted in having to take Warfarin/Coumadin for the rest of his life, regulate his diet (avoiding Vit K, that clots the blood) and have endless blood tests!

Other than making Guitar and Drum apps, these other MiniTimers are available from Ninebuzz Software. See on the iTunes store

From their online store in North Melbourne, Apple products are shipped to you.
They do not repair Macs.

T 03 9329 4343

from Apple iPod Parts

…like, for me, a brand new original Apple iPhone battery

Steve highly recommends HI pagesHome Improvement. Simply tell HI what you need done. Qualified Tradies contact you to quote. You choose the best one. Simple!


In2 contemporary architecture

amalgam essaybee designed their Corporate Identity and Website

The difference between bitmap and vector / eps formats

The difference between CMYK and RGB

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