chinotto … like a cumquat that's so sour

If you try a ripe Cumquat fruit and wish you hadn't—because it's so sour— then it's a Chinotto.

The Chinotto (pronounced kee-nawt-oh) is a small, bitter citrus fruit that grows on the Citrus aurantium 'Myrtifolia' or Chinotto tree, which is sometimes called the Myrtle-leaved Orange Tree.

Like a Cumquat, it peels easily and the tree produces a great abundance
of fruit.

Growing to a height of 3 metres, the trees can be found in the Liguria, Tuscany, Sicily, and Calabria regions of Italy.

The name is deriving from China, where the tree was thought to have originated, it is the essential flavour component of most Italian bitter
amari digestifs and of the popular Campari liqueur.


Personally I think the best brand of Chinotto soft drink to enjoy is
that of San Pellegrino. It's smooth and not too sweet or fizzy.