Years ago, finding oak tree seedlings in the parental garden at Brae Heid, started my wondrous journey of the joys of growing and nurturing bonsai.

In 2008, my big bonsai oak—from base of pot to top of tree it stands 90cm / 2'9"—produced an acorn which I planted and was happy to welcome aithird generation of the magnificent mother… tree...





Also in the Brae Heid garden, is a Linden tree,
a Small-Leaved Lime—Tilia cordata—from which I'm making a bonsai as well.

Recently, I found a Eucalyptus seedling growing in the garden downstairs. I wonder if there's
a bonsai in the making there too?




Downloaded off the net, this is my inspiration for a seedling Sweet Chestnut—Castanea sativa—that I'm growing up. I can't wait until Spring to begin the pruning process. Results later :D