bitmap versus vector

When at work, Steve often requests for a company’s logo and are sent one that is easily available—usually from theiriwebsite. Sadly, it's a Low Res / blurry one as opposed to aisharp one. This is because there's sometimes confusion between available computer formats for logos etc.

1 a bitmap / raster file is composed of pixels eg .tif /.bmp / .jpg (all bitmap or pixelated files), and…

2 a vector file is composed of paths or lines eg an Adobe Illustrator eps*.

If you enlarge a bitmap / pixelated file of, for example, a logo, it will be blurred beyond belief.

However, if you enlarge a vector / line file of the same logo to 50kms wide (or even 3 billion kms wide) it will still be sharp... as it is based on geometrical formulas to render the file, resulting in line.

Use whichever suits your needs best ... eg bitmap for web that's low resolution, but vector for sign-writers or anyone creating artwork.

< Of course, it is very difficult showing vector / line online, as computer monitors are pixel-based anyway. >

* Photoshop can produce an .eps, but this is pixelated. So the vector-based .eps is what is required.

the bitmap blurs

the vector holds
its sharpness

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