a continually flowering Bird of Paradise

I learnt a few years ago that to get great blooms from a Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae)
the method is contrary to the norm...of planting up or repotting.

If you have one of these magnificent plants, ensure that its roots are constricted... root-bound... pot-bound.

When bought, I repotted the plant into a 10" pot (on feet) and awaited the results.

It grew and the roots pushed the plant out of the glazed pot in which it was positioned. So I wrapped the roots in aluminium and bolted the sides together. See the pic...

After a few years the roots broke free of the glazed pot,
cracking it!

So, for extra love for the plant, I 'repotted' it again, with its aluminium collar, into a reinforced concrete pot.

I'm happy to report that the resulting constriction produced
an amazing 12 blooms.

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When planting in pots, avoid 'crocking' and placing the pot in a saucer.
See the importance of feet.

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